Quebec Skilled Worker Program


As a large province in Canada, Quebec has a separate provincial nominee system. The Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP) provides skilled and experienced professionals around the world with the opportunity to begin a new life in one of Canada's most high potential regions.

In order to be eligible for Quebec Immigration, candidates are evaluated according to a selection grid of nine factors including age, education, work experience, and fluency in English and French. Candidates who score the highest number of points are chosen for the Quebec Skilled Workers program through a Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ).

The selection certificate can later be converted into permanent residence by applying to the Government of Canada.

Who Can Apply:

  • Skilled workers who have the experience and expertise required in the Quebec labor market

How Long It Takes:

24 to 36 months for processing of CSQ and 8 to 12 months for Permanent Residency application.


How It Works:

If you are interested in Canada Skilled Immigration, the Quebec Skilled Workers Program may be an optimal choice for entry into the beautiful land. In order to begin the process, candidates must prepare and submit an Expression of Interest which highlights vital personal and professional details. If you score an adequate number of points and your profile meets labor market requirements, French fluency requirements, and generally shows high potential for employability, you will be sent an invitation to apply.

You must then apply for Quebec Immigration within 90 days by submitting relevant documents and additional information along with your application. Your documents and application will be assessed by the Ministère according to the Quebec Skilled Workers selection grid.

You may be called in for an interview during this time. If your application is approved, you will receive a selection certificate. For a final assessment and for Canada Skilled Immigration, you must submit an application for permanent residence.

General procedures such as background and medical checks will be conducted and then you can start planning your new life in Quebec and prepare for departure soon!