Ontario Provincial Nominee Program


Ontario is one of the largest provinces in Canada, home to the popular city of Toronto and the capital city Ottawa, and a land rich with opportunities. The Ontario Immigration Nominee Program (OINP) selects workers from around the world based on skills and experience- to live and work in Ontario permanently.

The Government of Canada and Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada are both responsible for running and administering the OINP in order to attract workers that will fulfill the labor market requirements of Ontario.

There are three streams: employer job offer, human capital, and business. Each have their own distinct requirements and if you qualify for one of them, you are all set to apply for Ontario Permanent Residence and enjoy the vast opportunities that this province offers.

Who Can Apply:

  • Candidates who have a valid job offer from an employer in Ontario
  • Candidates who have a Masters or PhD from a university in Ontario
  • Candidates who apply through Express Entry and are selected
  • Candidates who have the capital to start a business in Ontario

How Long It Takes:

Approximately 2 to 6 months including processing

How It Works:

There are several Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP) for Canada and Ontario is one of the most popular provinces- with a lot of business activity and hence plenty of job opportunities. Accordingly, there are two different streams through which skilled workers can qualify for the OINP.

Employer Job Offer Stream

In order to qualify for this stream, you must have a valid full-time job offer from an employer in Ontario Canada.

Human Capital Stream

In order to qualify for OINP through this stream, you must either be a Masters or PhD from an Ontario university or you must be applying through Express Entry.

If you are applying through Express Entry, you must submit a regular Express Entry profile and if chosen by Ontario you receive an invitation of interest. You must respond to your invitation for this PNP within 45 days with supporting documents. The province sends out notification of interest to the eligible candidates through Express Entry.

Once approved, you can apply for Ontario Permanent Residence and prepare for a life full of opportunities in the bustling province.