Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program


As a place full of opportunities, Nova Scotia is a great destination for Canada permanent residence applicants. Nova Scotia PR is open to several streams of people. This includes the Nova Scotia Skilled Labour Market Priorities, Physicians, Entrepreneurs, International Graduate Entrepreneurs, Skilled Workers, Demand Express Entry, and Experience Express Entry.

Each category has its own process and required time- generally taking three months or more. First, your profile is created and processed. If you are chosen, you receive a Nominee Certificate. Accordingly, you must submit a Nova Scotia PR application to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada in a period of 6 months.

You may be subjected to a thorough background, criminal, and medical check and possibly even an interview.

After approval, you are on your way to scenic Nova Scotia for the beginning of a new life!

Who Can Apply:

  • Candidates who have a valid job offer from a Canadian employer
  • Candidates who have applied through Express Entry and are selected for Nova Scotia PR
  • Candidates who have worked in Nova Scotia for 1-year in a highly demanded occupation
  • Candidates who are easily employable because they are in a highly demanded occupation

How Long It Takes:

Approximately 3 months or more (depending on the stream)

How It Works:

In order to migrate to Nova Scotia, you must qualify for one of the streams mentioned below:

Nova Scotia Labor Market Priorities

Canada Permanent Residence candidates who submit Express Entry profiles can be nominated by Nova Scotia according to their labour market needs. If you get a Letter of Interest from this Canada Provincial Nominee Program, you must submit your documents for verification.

If approved, you will receive a selection certificate and then you can apply for Nova Scotia PR through this category.

Skilled Workers

Professionals who have a full-time job offer from a Canadian employer in the area are eligible to apply for Canada Permanent Residence through this channel. Candidates must have an Express Entry profile and one year of work experience in the occupation they have a job offer for. They must also have financial resource to settle in Nova Scotia, be fluent in English/French, and education equivalent to a Canadian high school degree.

The number of applications accepted each year are limited but this is a faster route to Canada Permanent Residence.

Demand: Express Entry

Skilled workers in occupations in demand who have a high probability of landing a job once they immigrate to Nova Scotia are eligible to apply through this category. In order to be eligible, you must have an Express Entry profile and your occupation must be listed on the Demand: Express Entry guide.

Experience: Express Entry

Workers who have at least one year of experience in working in a high-skilled occupation in Nova Scotia are eligible to apply for Nova Scotia PR in this category.