New Zealand

New Zealand Skilled Worker Program


Skilled workers all over the world who are younger than 55, educated, have sufficient work experience, are fluent in English and have a valid job offer in New Zealand are eligible to apply for the New Zealand Skilled Worker Program. 

Each of the above mentioned factors are calculated in a grid and candidates who meet the points benchmark are encouraged to submit an Expression of Interest. Selected individuals receive an Invitation to Apply, after which they must submit documents and apply for New Zealand Immigration.


After they receive their New Zealand visa, the settlement process is in swing and they can now look forward to a more prosperous and promising future.


Who Can Apply: 

Skilled workers who add value to the economy of New Zealand 

How Long It Takes:  

7 to 15 months

How It Works: 

Unlike other immigration programs, to be eligible for Immigration NZ, you need to have a valid job offer from an employer in New Zealand. You also need to meet the criteria for age (under 55) education, work experience, English language fluency, health, and character. To begin the process of New Zealand Immigration, you need to ask an expert to help you prepare an Expression of Interest and ensure that you have scored the relevant number of points for acceptance. 

If you qualify, you will receive an Invitation to Apply. You must submit all education and work experience certificates, along with documents related to health, financial situation, and character checks to apply for your resident visa. You must apply within 6 months of receiving an Invitation to Apply. 

Once you receive your resident visa, you can prepare for the move and the endless opportunities that lie ahead!