Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program


Manitoba offers a healthy and high-quality lifestyle with plenty of work opportunities and a very low unemployment rate. In order to meet the needs of its labor market, the Manitoba PNP opens its doors to skilled workers who live abroad and have the experience and talent required by

businesses in the region. It also offers residence to workers who have previously worked or lived in Manitoba.

All applicants must meet the minimum requirements for age, education, work experience, language fluency, etc and submit an Expression of Interest. Successful candidates will receive an invitation to apply, after which they are required to submit relevant documents and apply for a

Canada visa for permanent residence.

Successful candidates can now immigrate to Canada Manitoba and enjoy a secure and stable


Who Can Apply:

  • Candidates who live abroad but have work experience and skills relevant to the needs of
  • the labor market
  • Candidates who have previously worked or studied in the province and meet the general
  • requirements
  • Candidates who are skilled and have close family or friends in the province

How Long It Takes:

6 to 12 months

How It Works:

Candidates who wish to apply for residence via the Manitoba PNP must first submit an Expression of Interest. They will then be evaluated according to different factors which include age, work experience, skill set, occupation, and language fluency amongst other factors. All applicants will be ranked with respect to other applicants in the pool and the highest scoring applicants will receive a Letter of Advice to apply.

Those who receive a Letter of Advice will be able to submit a full application for permanent residence with relevant documents. Once processing is completed, which can take from 4 to 6 months, successful candidates will receive a Canada visa and will be able to migrate to Canada


This process applies to those who have previously worked/ studied in Manitoba and skilled workers in countries other than Canada.