Canadian Hospitality Workers Program

If you work in the hospitality industry and want to live and work in Canada, Pursuit is your gateway. The Canadian Hospitality Workers Program invites workers from all over the world that have at least a year of experience as a chef, cook, food and beverage server, hotel front desk clerk, bartender, restaurant or hotel manager, etc. to train for a job in Canada.

The program provides specific training that makes the candidate an internationally certified hospitality worker, opening the doors to jobs all over the world. However, after training, candidates are introduced to potential Canadian employers and given assistance in finding a job.

Once an employer chooses a candidate, he/she can get a work permit which can later translate to permanent residency in Canada. This means the doors to any job or career that you later want to pursue and a higher standard of living will be permanently open.

Who Can Apply:

  •  Candidates who have more than one year of experience in the hospitality industry. Example: chefs, cooks, housekeepers, food and beverage servers, restaurant and hotel managers, front desk attendants, etc.

  •  Candidates who are under 32, are reasonably fluent in English and want to live and work in Canada, eventually leading to permanent residency.

How It Works:

If you are here, you probably already qualify for the hospitality program. The program begins with signing up for it and those selected (the most high potential applicants) will go through the training process which then ends with an assessment of their skills- certifying them as properly trained.

Pursuit then introduces you to potential Canadian employers and arranges interviews. Once you get hired, you get a work permit (usually for two years) which can later be converted to permanent residency by applying.