Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program


The Canada Alberta PNP (Provincial Nominee Program) welcomes two streams of applicants which includes the Alberta Express Entry Stream and the Alberta Opportunity Stream.

The Alberta Express Entry Stream welcomes people who have work experience in occupations that are needed in Alberta's labor market and either have an Express Entry profile in the pool or directly apply to the Alberta PNP. You will be assessed on the basis of work experience, education, language fluency, and similar factors. There is a higher chance of being chosen if you already have experience working in Alberta, are a graduate from a Canadian post-secondary institution, or have an immediate relative living in Alberta.

Candidates who are selected receive a notification of interest after which they must submit the required documents with an application for permanent residence.

The Alberta Opportunity Stream welcomes applicants who have work experience in Alberta and currently hold temporary work permits or temporary residence status. Based on their occupation, work experience, language fluency, and other factors related to their duration in Canada.

How Long It Takes:

Approximately 6-8 months for International Skilled Workers

Who Can Apply:

·        Candidates working in Alberta with a full-time job offer for the Alberta Opportunity Stream

·        Candidates with an Express Entry Profile in the Federal Express Entry System with a minimum score of 300 who receive a notification of interest to apply to the Alberta PNP

How It Works:

In order to qualify for Alberta's Express Entry Stream, candidates must have a profile in the Federal Express Entry pool. Candidates who have either stated an interest in living and working in Alberta or are currently valuable to Alberta's economic development because of the occupation they work in or their work experience/skill set have a chance of being selected. The candidate must have at least 300 points in the Comprehensive Ranking System. If the candidate seems to be a good fit for Alberta immigration, he/she will receive a notification of interest in their Federal Express Entry profile.

The candidate must respond to the Alberta PNP (AINP) with a copy of the notification of interest within two weeks of receiving it. AINP will respond to your email after confirmation of the information and ask you to submit an application, providing a checklist of the required documents.

Once you submit an application to the Alberta PNP, you must wait for processing and permanent residence approval, after which you are free to begin planning the big move and looking forward to a new life ahead!

The process for the Alberta Opportunity Stream differs.