Australian Skilled Workers Program


Skill Select is the easiest and quickest way for Australia Skilled Immigration. If you are a skilled worker or businessperson and your profession or area of business is on the Skilled Occupation List, you are eligible to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI). The process can be completed in about 90 days.

There are three visa categories for eligibility in the program: Independent and Skilled Regional (Provincial) Visas (180), State and Territory Nominated Visa Class (190), and the Nominated/Sponsored Provisional Visa Class (489).

After submission of an EOI, the highest scoring EOIs receive an invitation to apply. You must then submit documents within 60 days for processing. Once approved, you can then begin planning a new life in Australia.

Who Can Apply:

  • Skilled and Professional People listed on the Occupation List
  • Businesspersons who are in a field listed on the Occupation List

How Long It Takes:

 At least 90 days

How It Works:

In order to open the doors to new opportunities via Australia Skilled Immigration, you need to qualify for one of the following categories:

Independent and Skilled Regional (Provisional) Visas

If your occupation is on the Skilled Occupation List, you are eligible to submit an EOI for a Skilled Visa to Australia.. The highest scoring applicants receive an invitation to apply.

Skilled Nominated Visas

This visa category applies to workers who are in occupations/professions which are highly demanded. They must take a skills assessment which determines their Australian PR points.

Eligibility is calculated by:

  • Age
  • Educational Qualifications
  • Inclusion of occupation on Visa Nomination Occupation List for Victoria or Visa Nomination Occupation List for Graduates
  • Skills Assessment
  • Job Offer
  • English language
  • Finances

and other factors!

Skilled Nominated/Sponsored Provincial Visa Class

This visa is applicable for people who want to move to and work in an area which has a low population in Australia. Once your chosen state nominates you, you are given a two-year visa which can later translate to a permanent visa. You can also be sponsored by a relative living in the stated area.

After you identify the program you will be applying through, let an expert help you prepare an EOI and submit it for the monthly draw. If you receive an invitation to apply, prepare your documents and submit them for processing. Once your process is complete you will receive a confirmation. 

Now, you can prepare for a brand new journey in Australia!